Saturday, 12 July 2014

Whatsapp for Nokia x

Note: Now "Whatsapp Launcher for Nokia x" is "WApp Launcher for Nokia x" in Opera Store.

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It’s been long enough to launch Nokia x platform but still no initiative has made by Nokia or whatsapp to overcome this problem


To solve this problem there is new app added in Nokia app store called ”whatsapp Launcher for Nokia x ”,this app helps user to launch whatsapp contact list directly and send them message on click

Note –This software if not a whatsapp messenger it's just a tool to launch whatsapp properly in nokia x, To use this application whatsapp must be installed in your phone, just download any version latest of whatsapp from Link below (Step 1) and then open it using this app.

You can see your group by clicking on any contact, when you are in the particular contact’s message window click on back arrow on upper left corner of whatsapp

Watch the Video=
Follow above video as it is to make Whatsapp work.
Please follow the steps properly your problem will be solved

if you already have whatsapp installed Do
      i) Goto Settings > Apps > Manage Apps > Scroll down to whatsapp open click on whatsapp
      ii) First click Clear data then press uninstall now go for further steps

1.Download my app "Whatsapp Launcher for Nokia x" from

2. Download Latest version of Whatsapp from

3.Install Whatsapp you downloaded in step 1 , Complete your Whatsapp login as there will be no error until you login

4. After login complete your Whatsapp will start to show error "DEVICE NOT SUPPORTED"

5. Open app "Whatsapp Launcher for Nokia x" and there will be no error to open Whatsapp have fun.


Error "Whatsapp version is obsolete" : This error comes if you haven't changed date before Step 3 or you opened whatsapp before changing date you don't have to open whatsapp before changing Date.

Solution:Follow Sub steps i & ii before Step 1 and follow all steps again.

Error "Please Complete registration first" then "Device not supported" :  you may have uninstalled whatsapp version 2.11.238 before step 4 remember in steps you don't have to unistall anything. 
Follow Sub steps i & ii before Step 1 and follow all steps again.

Error "Error Parsing Package":May be file is corrupted or Partially Downloaded.

Solution: Download File again.

If still error continues I will be glad to resolve so do not hesitate to ask.

If problem solved please rate my application, Place a review in Nokia Store and Recommend it to users having same problem.

Thank you

Patel Himanshu

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(For any query about application "Whatsapp Launcher for Nokia x" comment below and you will be attended)